Application Development is Changing

I ran across something on Twitter this morning that I thought was a pretty accurate outline of how application development is changing.

7 Traits of Modern Applications

  1. Omni-channel clients
  2. Deployed on elastic infrastructure
  3. Aggregate discrete services
  4. Use managed APIs
  5. Integrate open source software
  6. Employ dev-ops techniques
  7. Focus on measurable feedback

While items 1-6 have been a focus for us for a while now, I think #7 is something that a lot of teams are missing. While using analytics and other resources such as log data are critical to measure performance and application health, we’re only now starting to use user feedback as a statistic in the overall picture. Application performance can be excellent and run without error or issue, but if the users don’t find it easy to use, they won’t. If they don’t use it, it’s a waste of resources as well as a credibility hit. With social media and other channels available to communicate with your users, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of that feedback and build the best applications possible.