Great Customer Service… at McDonald’s??

As those of you that know me, I’ve been trying to get my weight under control for the past several months. Not just a diet, but a lifestyle change. I was doing really well until I started rehearsing for the play. With the theatre being so far from home, I’ve had to resort to eating fast food for the sake of commute time. This morning, I decided to stop at McDonald’s on the way to work for a sandwich and a cup of coffee.

I was trying to be good, I didn’t order hashbrowns and I ordered the muffin instead of a biscuit. Yeah, not much better, but a little. I also didn’t order a soda (I hate diet sodas), but since it was cold, I got a hot mocha instead of a bottle of water.

Our Daily Challenge: Drink~~Delicious McDonald...
Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr

Everything was going great until the woman working the drive-thru window said “Please pull up and we’ll bring your mocha out to you.” Dang. I knew I should have just gotten a bottle of water.

Ten minutes later… yes… TEN MINUTES…I finally get out of my car and go in to get my money back. I don’t like coffee enough to wait that long. Heck, I don’t even know why I waited more than three minutes.

Needless to say, I was pretty livid when I went in. The woman behind the register looked like a deer in headlights when I handed her my receipt and I asked for my money back. She was instantly saved by the woman trying to get the mocha machine to work. Instead of just apologizing, she also started to explain what had gone wrong. Granted, I didn’t care, but she kept her tone calm and even when telling me that the machine had just started working. She insisted I take my money back and take the cup of coffee.

Instead of just making excuses, she actually tried to resolve the situation. She knew that losing a customer would cost more in the long run than the $3 that would be lost in the free cup of coffee. Without ever losing her smile, she went above and beyond in trying to please the customer. I truly regret not catching her name, I’d love to call their corporate service & tell them how great she was this morning.

Once the play is over, I’m going back to my anti-fast food eating habits but thanks to a friendly smile and a customer-focused attitude this morning… I may still have to stop by McDonald’s for a hot mocha on these cold winter mornings.